Rules for participation in the missions

  • roleplay
  • play fair
  • death of a character doesn’t matter, you will be treated as passed out until you return, but the mission will not wait for you.
  • take your time, let everybody interact
  • remove your crimestat before joining
  • arrive at meeting location in a different ship than used for the mission
  • repair, refuel, reclaim your planned mission ship to be able to spawn it at the starting location
  • no quickrun through the mission
  • no out of character information!
  • the mission can be part of an unknown amount of missions in a story arc
  • be active or passive in the mission but do not disturb
  • no guaranteed success, also a loss can be an acceptable outcome for this mission


  • tip: keep notes
  • tip: missions may have multiple parts and clues for future missions


  • supporting characters for the mission should be there 15min earlier
  • no member of TBAC does know all the details
  • a “mission master” will take overwatch to guide the whole mission and tell you the basic parameters, findings and maybe give hints for the next step

Be aware

  • Discord mission summary text chat will contain links to the initial information as well as mission briefings your character will have attended
  • That summary is in fiction and all information in there is need to know for the participants of this mission. Other people can read these information but cannot know about it with their characters, unless it was told to them during the next mission of this storyline. But anyone can join to later missions, but may have to ask what this all is about with their character.