Dear readers,

my nickname, in most of my games, is Misery. It has been Misery for more than 15 years and will stay like that for the future. I am a sci-fi loving, roleplay and storytelling nerd infected with the dream of the best damn space sim ever. Roleplay has always been a passion for me, now I try to include my story telling into one of my biggest hobbies out there. Star Citizen.

This page is dedicated to that game Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games and my experiences and stories in the game. This blog is an in fiction, roleplay style documentation of operations or missions I design and run with friends. Its intention is to add depth and background with a bigger story connecting everything.

Until May 2020 these pages, where integrated into the missions of the Citizen Sector of the organization “The British Are Coming” to document the missions of one of my story arcs and give background information to everything. But after we parted ways, I decided to continue it independent of TBAC and evolved the overall story to incorporate the change.

I hope you will enjoy the stories. If you want to contact me, the best way is via the RSI Spectrum or on my Twitch channel.

All the best


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