2950-CIT-05 – Fallout

Last entry in official logs

During mission 2950-CIT-05 we discovered several plots and behind the scenes arrangements which jeopardized not only the success of the missions but also many lives. As a direct consequence of the discovered circumstances we altered our processes, our way of planning and increased security throughout the entire organization, but despite our efforts we still had many unanswered questions, risks and some things that did not add up.

With no more options left and no sign of a solution for these open questions within the rules and parameters of the organization it was clear what we had to do.

We did go dark.

End of entry

Personal Note

Not all of us agreed, but the ones in favor of discovering the truth and stopping the ones behind these actions were sure how to proceed. We did cut our ties to all official business of the organization, but not only with them, we also cut all our ties to our normal lives, too high was the risk of putting them in danger. Over the duration of several weeks, many of us disappeared in the darkness. Only a few remained, either as public anchors for others or as a reminiscence of what once was.