Mission Summary – 2950-CIT-05-INF-0229S

Overwatch summary of mission 2950-CIT-05-INF-0229
Participants Action Report Analysis

2950-CIT-05-INF-0229 – Overwatch-2183

Mission Location

Security Classification

Mission Result

Infiltrate target location and recon the surrounding
Our team successfully infiltrated the target location. While posing as technicians they were only partially able to recon the surrounding area.

Secure evidence
The team secured several assets.

Secure assets and escape unrecognized
Our team managed to secure 51 [REDACTED] assets. They are in a [REDACTED] state and were transported to [REDACTED], a secure storage and refit location. Due to the efforts to secure these assets our team was identified as hostile and may have been identified. Assessment pending.

Written summary of the events
The INF mission started at 1930 29500229.

Not all mission goals were reached but the team could [REDACTED]
With several open questions the technicians at [REDACTED] will continue to [REDACTED] and check for signs of [REDACTED].

Further analysis of the mission reports and additions to this initial overwatch report will follow if necessary.