Mission Briefing – 2950-CIT-05-INF-0229

After the events around Echolon-5 and its mission, we need to follow the lead found on Area 18. We still don’t know who is behind all of this, but all seems to point in the direction of Microtech as the key point. The data suggests that someone is modifying ship systems at a big scale, but the purpose for that is unknown.
After further discussion we decided to search volunteers for an off the book infiltrate and recon mission. As we do not know where the operatives are headed and we also cannot track them, they are completely on their own until they are able to contact us again.
With the help of the owner of Stellar Tech we managed to create the necessary security clearances for ten people. They will pose as technicians who are supposed to check, install and test the new components from the last delivery after integration into the ships. Every agent needs to familiarise him or herself with the guide found in the copied data of pod 341.

Our preliminary checks with the communication arrays show that a signature identical to the one of the 890 Jump entered the space of Microtech. Scans from a couple of satellites show statics similar as the one Echolon-5 picked up, heading to the surface and then they went dark. It is to assume that the ship may be on the surface.

Technical Intel
Guide for modifying the components

Mission parameters
Mission classification: Classified, off the book
Type: Infiltrate and Recon
Special Requirements: Civilian covert operation, no weapons

Gear requirements as allowed by the technician guidelines
1x MultiTool with Repair and Cutter functionality
1x Technician knife for electronic work
1x Flight suit and helmet

This is mission has more than one purpose. We infiltrate and recon the area and try to assess the situation as fast as possible. This mission is off the books and voluntary only.

As a team member for this mission you know that there will probably be no rescue or backup if something goes wrong. You are on your own! And as this is a covert infiltration and recon mission, we need to be extra careful not to get caught.

The gear requirements for this mission are defined by the client of the technician. It cannot be changed and all team members must adhere to it. Any deviation from these requirements will compromise the mission and the life of the operatives.

As far as we know there will be several ships which need components installed and modified. If possible gather as much intel and evidence as you are able and get out there. As the technicians are supposed to do tests with all systems, we may have the opportunity to secure these ships. If you opt to take the ships be aware that you cannot activate the main sensors of these ships or any other component which should be modified by the technicians. We will issue a data module with basic flight controls to all volunteers to be able to start the ships and leave the surface.
A standby ship near Port Tressler will lead you away from there as soon as you are off the planet. Communication with the standby ship will happen via light bursts.

Our technicians still analyze the software pieces found in the data of pod 341, but the first assessment suggests heavy modification in all systems with remote access. Under no circumstances enable any communication or sensor systems. Further updates as soon as possible.

Mission goals

  • infiltrate location
  • secure evidence
  • recon the surrounding
  • escape without being recognized


  • secure as many assets as possible