Intelligence Report – 2950-CIT-05-INT-0225



Updated intelligence report
This report is an update to the intelligence report 2950-CIT-05-INT-0224.

Data from data pod 341
The decryption of the copied data from pod 341 is finished. Our team analyzing the information and skimming through it already gave us a preliminary report of its content. From the looks of it, there are parts of software consistent with the operating systems used on state of the art flight computers, sensor arrays and other computer cores. The software parts are flagged as updates for these systems, but the checksums do not match with the original updates from the manufacturer.
Other information inside the data includes detailed step by step guides how to install and modify these systems to allow the installation of these updates.
Several of these documents are written by a small tech support company on Area 18.

Area 18 – Stellar Tech Services
Our agents did go to the tech company and after a couple of hours surveilling the place they did enter after everyone left the office. They searched the whole place and found no evidence of this data, but they found a work schedule for technicians. They were all dispatched to MIC L1 and Port Tressler for the last weeks.
Another team of technicians is supposed to be at Port Tressler in 3 days for the next job.

After evaluating all options, the team decided to visit the owner of the company.

Area 18 – Stellar Tech Services Raid
At 2200 hours a team of four operatives infiltrated the building of the owner and after taking over and checking the security footage, they entered his apartment to surprise him in the bed.
It took roughly ten minutes to secure everything and get to the target. After surprising him and instantly restraining him our operatives played a little roleplay with him after he mentioned that he always followed the rules and never deviated from it.
Our operatives assumed that he was talking about a possible client and played along.
After mentioning a couple of instructions how to modify tech with his company name on it and threatening him, that this was a breach that couldn’t stay unanswered, that he and his employees and all persons they are associated with, would pay the price, he finally broke and as he though we know what he is talking about, he talked a lot.
One hour later our operatives revealed that they wanted the necessary information to get on the next technician ship and he complied. He gave us all the necessary documentation, IDs, call signs to pose as the technicians in exchange for the employees and his safety. But also warned us, as we may face an unknown powerful adversary.

A security team stays with the owner a until our team, posing as the technicians, is safely back. After that the security detail will release the owner into the custody of the ArcCorp Security.

From the looks of it, data pod 341 contained instructions for technicians how to modify high tech systems with non standard software and electronics. We assume that the data pod got somehow lost and we were paid to retrieve it. We were used in a similar way the small company was used.
Our recommendation is to try to infiltrate the technician mission with voluntary operatives from us. All data of this mission should be classified and all records scrapped, that no trace of it could be found and compromise the following missions.