Intelligence Report – 2950-CIT-05-INT-0224



Updated intelligence report
This report is an update to the intelligence report 2950-CIT-05-INT-0223.

Data from data pod 341
The data is still being decrypted that will take at least another day. The rest of the recovered data from the second pod verifies our assumption that pod 341 was tracked and that this tracking signal was used to disable Echolon-5.

Surveillance footage MIC L1
With the surveillance footage nearly processed our team reconstructed and isolated a few strange things.

Origin 890 Jump
Echolon-5 captured footage of an Origin 890 Jump near MIC L1, not only visual footage, but also very abnormal sensor readings. These suggest that it was no standard 890 Jump and that it was equipped with high tech electronics all over. There were spikes in energy readouts which are similar to high tech surveillance and data processing units. Also there was very much communication traffic from and to it, all with a encryption we do not recognize at all. These readouts were only captured for a couple of minutes before they got scrambled. The signature of the scrambling was very similar to the masked IDs we registered throughout the system.
The ship also emitted high energy bursts before it entered QT, but these bursts completely blinded the sensors and did hide any sign of a QT jump from the non visual sensors.
The visual checks did show no markings or anything different from a normal 890 Jump on the outside. Only most of the windows were blacked out and even the bridge didn’t have clear glass.

The probability is very high that this may be a reason for the attack on Echolon-5. Who ever owns that ship, does not want anybody to know its existence and our footage documents not only its existence but also recorded a few minutes of raw footage of the ship. Probably their jamming systems did not work and revealed them for a few moments.
The team currently assumes, that this Origin 890 Jump was the same spotted on Delamar and also the same found in the UEE logs.

Origin 350R
The scanners of Echolon-5 captured the Origin 350R from our contact leaving MIC L1 shortly after the 890 Jump. Its ID was scrambled, but the QT trajectory pointed its destination near Port Tressler and cross referencing it with arriving ships identified it as the 350R of our contact.

The recording had footage of an unencrypted communication between a Drake Caterpillar and three Aegis Sabres. They instructed the pilot to turn of their flight recorder and link their systems to theirs. Then they escorted the ship away and jumped in the direction of Microtech.
Similar events happened also earlier, a ship turns up, gets picked up by three Sabres and then they fly away in a formation. But most of the times the communication was encrypted and the IDs of the cargo ships where scrambled.
The ID of the Caterpillar was scabled too, but the visual sensors found a marking on the hull, which identified the ship. Further checking the records of the ship the logged manifest showed them loading high tech components near Area 18 and other components at HUR L4.

Following this trail revealed, that it was not the first time the ship loaded components at Area 18. Each time it was a special order of state of the art flight computers, sensor arrays and computer cores. The exact amount of tech we couldn’t find out, but they are compatible with nearly all ships from Anvil, Origin, Drake and RSI.

We are waiting for the decryption of the data copy of pod 341. The real reason for the incident around Echolon-5 seems clearer now, but because there are so many possible other leads, we will not conclude to a final verdict.
The case of the 890 Jump we need to investigate further, but currently we do not recommend to follow this trail without perfect preparation.