Mission Summary – 2950-CIT-05-CAP-0220S

Overwatch summary of mission 2950-CIT-05-CAP-0220
Participants Action Report Analysis

2950-CIT-05-CAP-0220 – Overwatch-1998

Mission Location
HUR L4, CRU L5, Delamar

Fleet composition

  • 1x Aegis Vanguard Sentinel
  • 1x Aegis Gladius
  • 1x Anvil Hornet F7CM Heartseeker
  • 1x Ursa Rover

Mission Result

Locate 350R
The Origin 350R with our contact on board was spotted near HUR L4 jumping to CRU L5. After an engagement with our Team the 350 fled to Levski, Delamar.

Capture contact alive
The contact died while escaping in a Tumbril Cyclone RC on Delamar.

Capture accomplices
No accomplices where seen

Written summary of the events
The CAP mission started at 1900 29500221.
Our team tried to locate the 350R from multiple locations and narrowed it down to HUR L4. While searching the area the contact escaped, but our team managed to triangulate its destination and after a short QT jump they intercepted the 350R at CRU L5. During the continued cat and mouse play the 350R got severely damaged and its structural integrity was compromised.

The contact opted to run and did a QT jump to Delamar, after a short jump our team closed in on its new location. The 350R broke apart shortly after the contact managed to get out of it.

The escape of the contact continued, after switching to a Cyclone RC, he tried to evade capture on the surface of Delamar. But our skilled team managed to disable the electronics of the Cyclone with a well placed EMP blast.

The contact still evaded capture on foot and hid throughout the night on Delamar. Still searching for the contact, our team missed the pilot getting back into the Cyclone RC and getting away. A few seconds later our team could hear an explosion. Currently the evidence suggests that a missile destroyed the Cyclone RC. The body of our contact was not recovered.

A recovery team was dispatched to recovery any possible pieces of the ship and vehicle and bring that over to the labs for further analysis.

Currently the mission is classified as failed.

The contact was a skilled pilot, who knew we were chasing him and managed to evade capture quite a while. As we do not know if he managed to escape, we will keep the priority bounty active until we have proof of his death.
The analysis of the recovered wreck parts of the Origin 350R and Tumbril Cyclone RC is not yet finished, but the team managed to recover parts of the flight computer from the 350R.

Further analysis of the mission reports and additions to this initial overwatch report will follow if necessary.