Mission Briefing – 2950-CIT-05-CAP-0220

Our investigation around the incident during mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01 lead to a new clue. As the evidence incriminating Pilot-4512 was tampered with, we wanted to question our contact on Port Tressler, who forwarded the evidence to us, but he was nowhere to be found.

The first analysis of evidence found in his room on the station suggest that our contact on Port Tressler was either compromised or did betray us. The fact that he left the station two hours prior to our arrival with a logged destination of HUR L4, where his ship never arrived, is not in his favor.


Mission parameters
Mission classification: Classified, need to know
Type: Capture
Special Requirements: Capture target alive

This is a high priority locate and apprehend mission. We need the possible fleeing contact alive for questioning. His last confirmed location was Port Tressler with destination HUR L4 inside a modified Origin 350R.

To stop and apprehend the contact. The usage of non lethal force is authorized. All requests for special equipment, like EMP and distortion weapons are granted. If possible recover the ship, but the main priority is the contact.

An internal bounty has been issued and forwarded to the Security Forces, that they do not interfere with our hunt.

Mission goals

  • locate 350R
  • capture contact alive


  • capture possible accomplices