Intelligence Report – 2950-CIT-05-INT-0219



Data Recovery
This report contains the results of the recovered data from our flight computers of our Constellations, the recovered flight computer of the Origin 600i from mission 2950-CIT-05-SRR0210 and the result of the analysis of evidence of interrogation protocol 2950-CIT-05-INT-0218.

Ship computer systems

SRR Ships
The computers of our ships show evidence of tampering. The active sensors readings were altered and there are signs of the installation of backdoors in most of the other systems. Currently we are not able to remove those or build protection against them. The computers of our constellations will get destroyed and all electronics of the ships must be replaced to ensure the safety of all readings.

The computer of the Cutlass Red did send highly encrypted data out to multiple arrays and was used to track us until the system was quarantined. We took the necessary actions to ensure the safety of our systems and issued.

The computer of the Pisces only showed manipulated sensor data. Currently we assume that the readings of the ships around the Pisces were altered and we cannot trust the data.

Origin 600i
The computer storage recovered from the wreck did not contain many information we could recover, but we were able to recover the flight log and command log issued by the crew.
The ship was on a mission to cartograph asteroid fields around Microtech, we did check this with public records and could not find any record of this mission or even the ship itself. A contact at Origin verified the serial number of the spare storage unit and the name who bought it. After checking further records it seems like someone is cleaning up and hiding the incident by eliminating any record of the existence of the 600i.
One of the logs contained partial coordinates of their route and a deviation to it. They did follow up on an abnormal reading from one of the asteroids, as far as we were able to recover and cross reference. From the timestamp we could guess that they stayed there nearly 1 hour until they altered course to Port Tressler. Then log log only shows an entry of an administrative purge command accompanied by many errors of subsystems. The redundant storage was programmed that these purges will only be executed to the sensor data immediately and the logs follow with an delay of 24h.
We probably interrupted the attackers while they were waiting for the purge to finish.

Further analysis of the video evidence revealed that it was tampered footage at a nearly perfect level. There are minor discrepancies in the frames and a strange overall noise in the video to cover the editing of some parts. Another indication of tampering is, that the original footage of R&R HUR L4 for that section is gone and also all adjourning corridors are blank, too. Not only for this timeframe, but since the estimated arrival of Echolon-5 until it left. But we reached out to one of the local shops were Pilot-4512 bought food and he could remember the Pilot and also that the Pilot was wearing a flight suit, but his logs of purchases and video surveillance are also gone.

From all we could tell we assume that the attackers of the Aquila and the 600i are identical and from the similarities to the attack on our ships, the only conclusion is, that it is all connected.
The false evidence forwarded to us strengthen our assumption that whoever is playing with us, has friends in high places or nearly unlimited resources, or maybe both, to pull these things off.