Mission Summary – 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0217S

Overwatch summary of mission 2950-CIT-05-SRR-217
Participants Action Report Analysis

2950-CIT-05-SRR-0217 – Overwatch-2183

Mission Location

Fleet composition

  • 1x Constellation Aquila
  • 1x Ursa Rover

Mission Result

Recovery of datapods
Two datapods were successfully recovered and the team managed to escape with all equipment. If the copy of datapod 341 was recovered is currently unknown, as the data is still being processed.

Deviation from mission parameters
Minor deviation to the predefined mission parameters were made to acquire and defend the datapods.

Covert operation
Because of a necessary deviation from the mission parameters, after being detected, the team opened fire to defend themselves and the primary mission target.
As the authorities were not get aware of the team, it is still classified as partial success.

Written summary of the events
The SRR mission started at 1800 29500217 near Everus Harbor.
With the information provided by Echolon-4, a small task force of three of our finest were able to infiltrate Microtech’s space without getting detected by the authorities. During a heavy snowstorm at night, our team got down to the surface, but was then forced to land roughly 10km away from each of the detected datapods and continued their travel with the Ursa Rover.

The team drove two hours through the snow storm, partially with the lights off to not get detected. When they needed to turn on the lights, it took only a few minutes to get fired upon from a ship. The shots were not accurate, so they assumed the ships visibility was nearly zero in the storm and opted to continue on foot. They also changed direction and tried to get around the mountain to the target, which was located near a research building on top of the mountain.
Several times during the climb random weapons fire was fired upon them. At times only a few shots were fired followed by a full broadsides down the mountain. Other times the searchlights of a ship could be seen.
Near the top the team saw and heard a ship going supersonic right above them, as also the tracking signal of the pod moved away with the ship. It took them a moment to get back to the rover, but after checking again, the signal of the first pod was stationary 5km out and in the direction of the second pod.

About 20 minutes, later the team arrived at the location and found a pisces, which crashed into the surface. The ship was open and the pod was sitting on the cargo grid, but no pilot was seen. To fulfill the primary mission goal our team used the rover as cover and tried to get the pod, but as soon as the first person got out of the rover they were fired upon. They returned the fire to protect the mission and themselves. During the short firefight, the rover got damaged to the point, where they were not able to go on with it, but the abandoned ship was still flyable for a short trip in atmosphere. Even though they were still under fire, they managed to get into the air and quickly went off to get the second pod.

As the snow storm got lighter and the sun was rising, it was easier to recover the pod with the ship, but the Pisces was badly damaged and they barely made it back to the Constellation Aquila. After careful inspection of the surroundings and the ship, they started the engines and began flight preparations. Directly after lift off. They plotted a course back to the rendezvous location near Port Tressler. During their flight back, they were attacked by a fighter craft without markings or signature. While evading the weapons fire, they made it to the security zone of Port Tressler and the enemy ship flew across them at maximum speed to escape before Port Tressler recognized the weapons fire.
Checks of the logs of the station don’t even show the existence of an attacking ship.

The recovery of the data pods was a huge success for our investigation around the incident during mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01. We are still in the process of analyzing the pods, which could take a while, as they are not in good condition.
It was also a small win to secure these pods before any other person gets their hand on it, if it is really the data copy of pod 341, we could be close to solving this incident.
The Aquila used in the mission is currently quarantined to be sure that nothing tampered with its systems, before it gets back into service. For following missions we may need to adapt the parameters to give our operatives more options to counter the enemy.

Further analysis of the mission reports and additions to this initial overwatch report will follow if necessary.