Interrogation Protocol – 2950-CIT-05-INT-0218

Second interrogation of pilot from mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01.

CRU L1 on board of SRR-992

Personnel present:
Pilot-4512, willingly
Overwatch-1487, assigned
Medical-3892, mandatory

By interrogation standards for these missions, the whole audio of the questioning got recorded and transcoded. The identities of the personnel are classified, except their internal handles.
The first part of this questioning was mainly to get the recollection of the incident from Pilot-4512. In this second part the accused will be confronted with evidence. Additional parts may follow.

Medical Records
Pilot-4512 suffered a severe trauma to the head and several minor bruises to the rest of the body consistent with being in a ship in a spinning, uncontrolled descent.
The patient suffered of loss of short term memory after being in a coma for an unknown time. The long term memory seems ok, but if and when the short term memory returns is unknown. There are no indications of third party treatment or manipulation, which lead to the patients symptoms.

R&R HUR L4 Security footage – 29500110-061553-SEC513-COR62
Financial statement of Pilot-4512

Transcoded log

OverwatchRecording start
Second interrogation and questioning after the incident 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01
Date 29500218, Time 0900
Pilot-4512 has agreed to answer all questions surrounding the incident, even though there are still medical concerns.
Pilot-4512 is aware of being a possible suspect in this matter
Pilot-4512 please confirm
Pilotyes, I confirm.
Overwatch Do you want to add anything to our last conversation before we continue?
PilotNo thanks, I have nothing to add.
Overwatch Ok. After our last conversation we were provided with footage of your stop at HUR L4.
PilotAs I already stated, it was a scheduled stop to refuel and also the last check before the jump to MIC L1.
Overwatch Nothing out of the ordinary happend during your stop?
PilotNo nothing. I let them refuel my ship, got some minor provisions and payed the bill. Afterwards I was on my way.
Overwatch Are you sure?
For the transcoding. Presenting logged evidence
PilotWhat…. what is this? Why did you check my financials and what is this picture?
OverwatchThat is something we want to know. We have an incriminating image of you out of security footage from the station and your financial records state, that you are in debt with a couple of banks.
PilotAnd that is enough to think I did sabotage my own mission and got myself nearly killed? Are you insane? Of cause I am indebted, I just preordered a Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner for myself and you know what these cost. And what is it with this image? This is a joke, right?
OverwatchDo I look like I am joking? The image has bad quality and we are still verifying it, but you were there at that time.
PilotYes, I probably was on the station during that time, as far as I remember, but I am not the person on the picture. I would never take off my flight suit during a mission, even if I am on a space station for a couple of hours.
OverwatchWe got this picture from our contacts and currently we are trying to get the original footage to confirm it. But even if that debt is because of the Star Runner, you….
PilotNo never, I would never betray us and most definitely never because of money. If I needed money so bad, I would go and fly a couple of races and take the prize money. But never ever would I harm us and especially not if I am the target after that. Take your footage and leave me alone!
OverwatchOk ok, if we assume that this footage was tampered and somebody wants to pin this on you, who could that be?
PilotHow the heck would I know that? I have no idea who knows enough of me and my job to make me look as traitor. The only people who knew what I was doing there, were we.
OverwatchDid you have any quarrel with anyone here? The mission details were need to know, even for the higher clearances, can you think of anyone?
PilotNo, as I said, I have no clue. I do not have many people here that know me and have a high enough clearance and even then, I do not think anyone here would sell me out.
OverwatchWe will check that, too. But currently the evidence points towards you and because of that we need to revoke your clearances and you are confined to the medical facilities.
PilotI didn’t do anything wrong, why would I endanger myself? But…. you better do look in other possibilities too, else I will do it myself!
OverwatchI don’t think so. If you try to escape or anything, the security personnel is informed to stop you. But I can promise you, we will check all angles before we make any more decisions.
UnknownOverwatch, we need to postpone this interrogation.
PilotLucky me.
OverwatchPilot-4512 we will continue this questioning another time.
Date 29500218, Time 1100
Recording end

Interrogation was interrupted by a new development and need to be postponed.