Mission Briefing – 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0217

Over the last days the pilot of Echolon-5 recovered from the injuries sustained during the crash of the ship. Even though the pilot was in a coma for several days and still needs to recover for quite some time, the questioning was a needed inconvenience.
This mission briefing is based on the information provided by the pilot with the goal to verify it as thoroughly as possible.
The first part of the protocol of the questioning is attached to this briefing to give everyone an impression with whom we are dealing.

Interrogation protocol 2950-CIT-05-INT-216

Mission parameters
Mission classification: Classified, need to know
Type: Recon
Special Requirements: Civilian covert operation, no weapons

The recollection of the events from the pilot suggests a very sophisticated and coordinated assault on our ship. It was made to look like a standard accident during QT with a crash afterwards, but the timing was too perfect.
The way Echolon-5 was taken out and all systems fried and cleansed on the ground, that suggests that they may have been able to track the ship somehow. Also the interference with our SRR mission was well coordinated and the manipulation of our ship computers is still being analyzed.

The main target of the mission is the recovery of datapod 341 and the other datapods. This will help us to reconstruct the events. Echolon-4 was already dispatched to the search area and began passive scanning to narrow down the area. Currently it looks like the pods crashed into the planet surface. The signal for two pods were detected on Microtech. Echolon-4 could not stay any longer in that sector and transmitted all data to SRR-992 to finish the job.

Mission goals

  • establish search groups on the surface to locate each pod
  • recover copy of datapod 341
  • secure the data at all costs


  • recover all datapods
  • do not get detected