Interrogation Protocol – 2950-CIT-05-INT-0216

Interrogation of pilot from mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01 to fill in the gaps to the already gathered information.

CRU L1 on board of SRR-992

Personnel present:
Pilot-4512, willingly
Overwatch-1487, assigned
Medical-8892, mandatory

By interrogation standards for these missions, the whole audio of the questioning got recorded and transcoded. The identities of the personnel are classified, except their internal handles.
The first part of this questioning is mainly to get the recollection of the incident from Pilot-4512. Additional parts will dive deeper into the current development of the incident.

Medical Records
Pilot-4512 suffered a severe trauma to the head and several minor bruises to the rest of the body consistent with being in a ship in a spinning, uncontrolled descent.
The patient suffered of loss of short term memory after being in a coma for an unknown time. The long term memory seems ok, but if and when the short term memory returns is unknown. There are no indications of third party treatment or manipulation, which lead to the patients symptoms.

Transcoded log

OverwatchRecording start
Interrogation and questioning after the incident 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01
Date 29500216, Time 0500
Pilot-4512 has agreed to answer all questions surrounding the incident, even though there are still medical concerns.
Pilot-4512 is aware of being a possible suspect in this matter
Pilot-4512 please confirm
Pilotyes, I confirm.
Overwatch Ok, good to go. First of all we are happy and grateful that you made it.
PilotThanks, I can’t thank you guys enough for the risk it took to save me.
Overwatch Could you please tell us, in as much detail as possible, what happened during the mission.
PilotSure. It was a two part mission and the first part was a standard recon mission and did go without any problems. We did all the necessary scans at each location and made a couple of random stops during the jumps, to shake off any possible pursuers. Everything was OK and we landed with a minor delay at ArcCorp for refueling and the technical precheck.
Overwatch Please continue, that we could reconstruct from logs of stations and satellites around ArcCorp
PilotAfter liftoff from ArcCorp we switched to the defined mission protocol and went dark with most of our equipment. The flight recorder and all official systems on board where frozen until the planned return to the standard mission.
Our jump to ARC L4 went fine, we used a little bit more fuel than calculated but all was inside the standard fluctuations. After arrival at the recovery site, I hid Echolon-5 between a couple of asteroids and went dark. The recovery of datapod 341 went well, and it was secured in one of the external bays. 24 hours later we continued our mission and went to HUR L2 and afterwards HUR L4 to refuel. The fuel usage was still higher than it should have been, but so far still inside the safety boundaries defined by the mission protocol.
Overwatch Did you think about possible reasons and check those?
PilotYes, sure. During the blackout time at ARC L4, I inspected the engines, outside, inside to see if there are any anomalies, but I couldn’t find any.
OverwatchOK, please continue
PilotWhere was I, ah yes. After the departure from HUR L4, we did the first and second random stop after roughly 3 and 5 Mkm, with the scheduled burns. During the third stop and burn, I was forced to re enable the engine earlier to avoid collision with a meteor shower. The ship got hit by a smaller meteor, the damage from that meteor was only to one of the datapod locking systems and there were minor malfunctions in that, but nothing major. But another one must have hit one of the fuel lines, as we were losing QT fuel. During a short eva I stopped the leak, by my calculations there was still enough fuel left to make the jump to MIC L1 and afterwards to our target, but we needed to stop the jump farther away from MIC L1 to use the momentum and drift longer. Because of this we continued our jump to MIC L1 roughly 4 hours earlier than planned, to not miss our timeframe at MIC L1.
At the end we arrived nearly 3 hours ahead of schedule. I placed the ship in a good position for the recording and enabled a recording to 2 pods simulaniously, as I was not sure if the damage to pod locking system interfered with the recording. I also copied datapod 341 to the same pod as the duplicate of the recording, to have a redundancy, as defined by the mission, the safety of that data was a top priority.
OverwatchAnd you didn’t think that these problems could risk the success of the mission?
Pilot That’s not the first rodeo Echolon-5 and I have had and we always prepare for the worst. Even though, the damage to the QT fuel tank was a bit of a problem, everything else couldn’t interfere with the mission.
During the planned recording, plus the time we arrived earlier, I tried to fix the datapod locking system and secured the fuel line. The damage to the datapod locking mainly consisted of damage to the emergency ejection bolts. To circumvent that, I placed small explosive charges at the external manual override bolts, used one of the electrical cables from the backup system to be able to trigger it from inside.
OverwatchQuite creative, your solution for that redundancy system. Why did you bother about it?
PilotJust for the record, as you know the answer to that, but I need to be able to eject the pods at any time of the mission. A non working emergency ejection system could mean the loss of the data or even loss of the ship, if anything went wrong.
OverwatchYes, I know, it was a rhetorical question for the protocol.
PilotCan I continue? With now roughly 27 hours of recorded footage of all ships and communication from MIC L1, we left there at the scheduled time frame and went to QT for our destination.
But after a couple of seconds in QT we got hit by a QT jamming field and dropped out of QT very fast. It took roughly 2-3 seconds to drop out of QT and we were instantly hit by, what must have been at least two, precisely coordinated EMP blasts. Echolon-5 is shielded against these, but they still do interfere with the systems, so I fired the main engine and thrusters to give Echolon-5 an uncalculated spin and opted to eject the pods. As the ship was spinning when I went to the scanner station to detonate the charges, coordinating all was a little bit tough. At the station I also send out an encoded burst message to headquarters as a distress call, but I wasn’t sure if the damage due to the EMP blasts interfered with that.
OverwatchYes, we got that, but it was in no good shape and severely corrupted. What happened afterwards?
PilotI managed to detonate the charges on most of the pods and they went off during the spinning of the ship. I don’t know which got ejected and which stayed on the ship or where ejected during the spin and entry into atmosphere. When I managed to get back to the pilot chair… the last thing I remember is trying to pull the ship up and not crash into a mountain. After that all went dark for me. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up, I heard several explosions on the outside of the ship and all electronics inside were totally fried. The inside of the ship was mostly intact, but I couldn’t stay conscious, it was an on and off. I am not sure, what happened during that time until I woke up here.
OverwatchThanks for you recollection of what happened. There are a couple of details, we need to discuss further but the most important question. Where are the Pods, we didn’t get an emergency signal from any of them, and as far as we saw at the wreck of Echolon-5, the outside of the ship is heavily damaged from explosions. Unknown forces were interfering with our SRR mission to recover and secure you, the data and the ship. As far as we could check, none of the pods was at the wreck and all are currently missing. In a second attempt we secured one of the retention systems. First analysis suggests at least 2-3 emp detonations right next to the system and the usage of heavy equipment to unlock them.
PilotThe datapods will probably stay silent for several days before they begin with the emergency burst messages. And each burst will only last for seconds, to conserve energy as long as possible. You probably need another Echolon ship to locate them. Just out of curiosity do you know these people or have any clue about their identity?
OverwatchNoted, we will try to locate them with one of the other Echolon ships. Currently we do not have any clue about the identity of these people, but so far they used tactics and technology not accessible to everyone. First analysis suggest even the usage of E-Warfare tactics against our SRR team.
PilotThat’s quite the effort to stop me from reaching our destination. To hit my ship with a QT snare and then precisely hit it with EMP blasts is not that easy to do without the exact position.
OverwatchWe know, but every action so far, seemed to be perfectly timed. Too perfect for our understanding. From the looks of it someone anticipated every step of our SRR mission and directed us to your crash site.
PilotWhy attack me in the first place?
OverwatchWe don’t know yet. We are still putting together the pieces. Two capital warships were guarding the crash site and the sensor logs show around 30 ships in the air, even though the team reports only confirm the existence of five they saw with their eyes. All this effort to give the team the impression they were guarding the wreck and you, but as soon as the team recovered you from a nearby cave and began to evac you, no one interfered.
PilotThat doesn’t add up, I do not remember getting into a cave or any people bringing me there.
OverwatchIt is not the only thing not adding up, but we are still analysing all the reports, data and the computers of all ships involved.
MedicalWe should take a break here, Pilot-4512 still needs to recover.
Overwatch Pilot-4512 we will continue this questioning after a break.
Date 29500216, Time 1000
Recording end