Intelligence Report – 2950-CIT-05-INT-0210



Parallel to the efforts to reconstruct the events surrounding the original mission of Echolon-5 in the upcoming mission 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0210, a second independent team began with a detailed analysis of all reports, the data from the participating ships and the recovered paper evidence from the Valkyrie.

The paper contained random numbers and coordinates with timestamps.
One set of these coordinates and timestamps correlates with the location where the Herald went down. The first conclusion was, that someone did write up, where they needed to be and at what time. After going through all coordinates and timestamps, the recovered list contains several of the choke points, the SRR team encountered from the beginning. Not all coordinates and timestamps match up, but roughly it looks like our team found notes which cover most of the encounters with opposing ships. Two coordinates in particular stuck out, one was the bar on New Babbage and the other was the spaceport, where our team found the intel which lead to OM-1. More information is necessary and we are currently trying to identify a DNA fragment found on one of the papers.

The team did also find evidence of tampering with the electronics of the Cutlass Red and after checking the Pisces, both ship computers were quarantined. Specialialists found evidence of a successful remote access to the Pisces when the computers rebooted after the EMP blast. What exactly was done to the computer is currently unknown, but first indicators point towards manipulation of several key systems.
This lead to the conclusion that they need more information and the team opted for the retrieval of the downed Constellations and more scans of the area where the Drake Herald was located.

Intel of high altitude scan
A high altitude scan of the area didn’t show any sign of the forces who interfered with the SRR mission. The Constellations were still in the state they were left behind, but the snow slowly covers them. Several UEE Navy ships were encountered in the lower orbit conducting a training maneuver.

As the UEE Navy is currently near our crash site, an official request for assistance was passed to our UEE Navy contact to cover our recovery team, while they are working on the Constellations. They acknowledged the request and gave us 48 hours to recover our ships, while they are conducting their training in the lower atmosphere.

To avoid suspicion a two contractors, with the necessary equipment, where hired to lift the Constellation back into orbit and tow them to Port Tressler supervised by our people. The flight computer and all electronic systems were removed and securely quarantined by our own specialist prior to the towing. The computers will undergo a special analysis like the other computers of the Cutlass Red and Pisces.

When leaving the Constellations our team flew in low altitude until the presumed crash site of the Herald. The weather and storms did already cover up all evidence of the people who were here, but for their surprise parts of the Herald were still there with a few scrappers who were taking the rest apart.
It did take some convincing and a lot of credits but the team could convince them to let them take a look at the scrapped wreckage. After an hour of scanning and analysing they opted to leave the wreck behind, but they took one of the datapod retention systems with them, because they looked suspicious and needed more scans.
On the inside of the wreck they only could find traces from the scrappers and a few DNA samples, they took with them.

Identification of the female
The female was identified as a female, between 23 and 28 years old. Currently she is in a medical facility and under constant guard. Not only for her safety but also to prevent a possible escape.
After removing the suit and helmet, the female was identified as human, caucasian, blue eyes and nearly white hair. The DNA analysis did take longer than normal but it did identify her as Pilot-4512, one of our own. Any more information about her wasn’t accessible or removed.