Mission Summary – 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0210S

Overwatch summary of mission 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0210
Participants Action Report Analysis

2950-CIT-05-SRR-0210 – Overwatch-2183

Mission Location
CRU L1 on board SRR-992

Fleet composition

  • 1x Drake Herald, Echolon-4
  • 5x Anvil Pisces C8X
  • 2x Origin 315p

Mission Result

Replay the events of mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01

Official Route
The fleet replayed the events of the mission, which lead to the destruction of Echolon-5. During the whole official route no anomalies were reported.

Classified Route
When deviating to the modified route, two wrecked ships were discovered.

Written summary of the events
The SRR mission started at 0100 29500241 in Port Olisar
Throughout the first part nothing out of the ordinary was reported and the mission continued without problems.

At ArcCorp the planned deviation from the official route was done and all stops of Echolon-5 were revisited, excluding the random stops during the jump to MIC L1.

On the outskirts of MIC L1 a wrecked Constellation Aquila, will be referred as Aquila1, was discovered. From the outside the ship was barely intact, three engine nacelles were missing and the fourth had severe damage to the outside, the front left VTOL engine block was completely gone, while most of the cockpit seemed intact. All external markings of the ship were either destroyed or removed and the ship did not broadcast a distress signal. The main sensor turret of the ship was completely gone and from the looks of it, was blasted off the ship from the inside.
A two person team boarded the wreck through an open cargo bay and began to analyze it. The first thing to notice was, that Aquila1 was missing its snub fighter and also all evac pods. The team assumed the crew was able to evacuate the ship. Further analysis indicated that all computers and memory banks of Aquila1 were fried, removed or destroyed and the inside of the ship was exposed to very high temperatures and radiation. The assumption of the sensor turret was confirmed on the inside by typical evidence of an explosion on the inside. Our team took a few samples and opted to mark the ship for later retrieval and continue with the mission.

During the orbital QT jump around Microtech to get to Port Tressler one of the Pisces, on the out most position of the formation, registered a slight EMP burst. After stopping and triangulating the origin, the ships slowly closed in on that location.
When they came in range of the origin of the burst, the residual energy of QT jump was noticed, which indicated that whoever was there, just left. The long range scanners of the Pisces found another wrecked ship. All scans showed an Origin 600i, similar damage states as the first wreck. Also most of the computers were destroyed, but the team did discover a redundancy computer storage, which was not fully fried. During the next 2 hours the team worked on recovering the nearly destroyed storage unit and removing it from the wreck. The computer is still in the quarantine lab and the team there hopes to be able to recover the data.

After this the mission continued without anomalies. The team checked with local security about missing ships and other reports like that, but did not find any information. There were also no reports about evac pods being recovered. We need to assume, that the crews of these ships were captured.

Whatever these two ships had in common, except being exploration vessels in the vicinity of Microtech. The way they were taken out and literally made unusable and all evidence destroyed was very sophisticated and thorough.
The first impression points to similar tactics and weapons, as the Echolon-5 incident.

Further analysis of the mission reports and additions to this initial overwatch report will follow if necessary.