Mission Briefing – 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0210

Even though currently no data of Echolon-5 was recovered, it is assumed that the unknown opposing forces played a role in the event. With the assumed Pilot still in a coma, we need to investigate the circumstances.

As a technical malfunction is out of the question, because the ship was inspected shortly before leaving Port Olisar and on its stop at ArcCorp and after checking the reports of the SRR team, it is assumed that the events were no accident. This is also supported by the extensive damage to the into the inside reported by the SRR team.
Even if the datapods could have been recovered or stolen, the possible data corruption on any pod could be severe. The damage to the ship and the way the unknown forces secured the area suggest a highly coordinated group with access to advanced technology.

The original mission of Echolon-5 consisted of more than one part and was partially declassified after the events of 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0130. The first part of mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01 was a standard mission, while the second part was classified and on a need to know basis. The exact timestamps and locations of each jump were decided by the pilot, as long as, the pilot stayed inside the parameters of the mission.

Technical Intel
The Drake Herald is a data runner and E-Warfare ship, its components should be shielded against many electronic warfare methods, including EMP blasts.

Mission parameters
Mission classification: Classified, need to know
Type: Recon
Special Requirements: Civilian covert operation, no weapons

Second attempt in reconstructing the mission of Echolon-5. Investigate each checkpoint for any unusual readings or indicators for tampering before leaving to the next checkpoint.
This will be a reconstruction of the mission, Echolon-4 will play the part of Echolon-5 with an escort of several smaller craft to cover a wide area with their sensors.
As in other missions usage of weapons is prohibited by the mission parameters.
Recon only.

Official Route:
Olisar -> Delamar -> HUR L4 -> Lorville -> HUR L5 -> ArcCorp -> CRU L4 -> Olisar

Classified Route:
Olisar -> Delamar -> HUR L4 -> Lorville -> HUR L5 -> ArcCorp -> ARC L4 -> HUR L2
-> HUR L4 -> MIC L1 -> Port Tressler -> HUR L4 -> CRU L4 -> Olisar

Fleet requirements

  • 1x Drake Herald
  • all other ships must be small nimble ships with decent sensors to cover as much area as possible

Mission goals

  • Replay the events of mission 2950-CIT-01-Echo5-01
  • Investigate each checkpoint and catalogue every anomaly


  • Classified