Mission Summary – 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0130S

Overwatch summary of mission 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0130
Participants Action Report Analysis

2950-CIT-05-SRR-0130 – Overwatch-2183

Mission Location

Fleet composition

  • 2x Constellation Andromeda
  • 1x Ursa Rover
  • 1x Cutlass Red marked as civil medical emergency vessel
  • 1x Anvil Pisces Expedition

Mission Result

Recover the pilot of the vessel
An unknown person was recovered. The initial medical examination identified the person as female, between 23 and 28 years old and in good overall condition. However the female is unconscious and in a coma for unknown reasons. She was discovered in a cave near a downed Drake Herald. The role of her is currently unknown and whether or not she was involved has yet to be determined.

Recover the data or destroy it, that no one can use it
The state and location of the data is unknown. The data pods were no longer attached to the Herald and the pod retention system showed severe damage. Further analysis would have been necessary to determine the state of the pods.

Find out what happened
Unclear. A brief look at the Drake Herald showed extensive damage to the outside, presumably caused by explosions. The origin of the damage isn’t clear, it may have happened after landing or while the ship was in space. On the inside heavy damage the electronics were visible. Further analysis would have been necessary.

Recover the ship, if possible
The SRR team deemed the recovery of the ship was impossible due to opposing forces.

Written summary of the events
The SRR mission started at 1900 29500208 in Port Olisar
Over the course of its full duration nothing out of the ordinary was reported the mission continued without problems.
The SRR personnel arrived in 4 ships at the presumed position of Echolon-5 near the orbit of Microtech. Where they observed several contacts without any identification signals or markings , actively scanning the whole area. While closing in on Microtech the started interfering with the SRR mission and blocked the path to the planet with warning shots and active missile locks. They also tried to follow the ships of the SRR fleet when they split up to evade them.
Due to these circumstances, the SRR fleet opted to deviate to New Babbage to reassess the situation, gather information and stay there for a night.

During the night the personnel tried to get more information from several sources and followed two unknown persons, who showed interest in the whereabouts of a unknown ship stranded on Microtech. The SRR personnel managed to take a picture of the logged flight plan and a few bits of information of the two strangers, while they left in a Anvil Terrapin.

A closer view of the gathered information led the SRR fleet to Microtech, Orbital Marker 1, where another Terrapin was encountered and followed towards the planet’s surface. But the pursuit had to be cancelled rather abruptly due to unforeseen weather conditions which spiralled into freezing rain and ultimately caused an iced-up thruster to fail, forcing the crew to execute an emergency landing. No injuries or major damage have been reported in regards to the incident.
The SRR fleet split up in the Pisces and Rover, while the Pisces was tracking the Terrapin, the Rover followed the Pisces. While on the move, a pattern could soon be recognized, where the Terrapin was patrolling in a 15 km radius.
The SRR fleet decided to get closer to the center of the patrol zone and at roughly 5 km from the center, the fleet was hit by an EMP and disabled. The SRR team continued on foot, while the Pisces pilot stayed behind to repair the ship.

Closer to the center, the team recognized heavy protection with 2 clearly visible Hammerheads positioned on both sides of a valley, guarding the valley and lighting it with their floodlights. Getting closer the team tried to avoid detection, while on foot. The Pisces managed to return to the group and did fly a distraction with the goal to lure one of the Hammerheads away, to enable the team to follow a heat signature into a cave, which was only reachable through the well lit part of the valley. The distraction didn’t work, but the Hammerheads didn’t detect or care about the team on foot.

In the cave an unknown female in a flight suit was found unconscious, the team opted to rescue the female and evac her to the Pisces, which landed in a little distance. Three people of the SRR team split away from the evac team to investigate a strange sound in a dark area of the valley.

At this point the evac team recognised several super sonic booms from arriving ships or ships passing by and over the Pisces. The further evac of the female went without a problem onto the Pisces.
The investigative team tried to check the origin of the noise and encountered several unknown unidentified persons working on a Drake Herald, assuming it was Echolon-5.
While one person distracted the unknown persons, the other two inspected the Herald. One of them got inside and reported the stated damage to the ship.
When the distracting person was discovered there were several red laser dots covering his front and back from above the valley and the opposing personnel tried to apprehend the team member. With well planned distractions the third team member managed to distract the opposing persons long enough to help the other team member to escape, while the team member inside the Herald enabled the self destruct and opted to destroy the ship. The destruction failed, reasons for that are unknown.

When escaping our team split up in different directions. Team member one and two managed to get to safety and watched several Cyclones getting unloaded from a Anvil Valkyrie and instantly following team member 3, who was inside the Herald.
While the Pisces managed to fly around the rift and inside the valley to pick up our third team member fleeing from thy Cyclones. In the second the team member got onto the ship, the Cyclones did a full stop and aborted the chase, it would have been easy from them to take out the Pisces, but they didn’t.
Team member one and two managed to sneak onboard a Valkyrie, which wasn’t manned and found several information on paper, but all digital information was lost, because it got wiped later. Reports of the members suggest that there was no radio chatter, only burst messages asking them for identification, as soon as they started the engines and began to fly towards the Cyclones. The reports further stated, that the Hammerheads didn’t send out any identification and didn’t show any markings, also the opposing persons and Cyclones showed no identification. Through the active scan pulse of the Valkyrie they got indicators for around 30-35 ships in the close vicinity of the location.

The team in the Valkyrie opted to fly to one of of the emergency fallback locations in orbit. While travelling there, all the ship indicators disappeared suddenly and the computers of the Valkyrie got wiped within seconds. Currently it is unknown, why there was no further interference from the opposing forces.

The second team in the Pisces tried to get back to the left behind fleet, to find the Constellations heavily damaged and not ready for flight. The Cutlass was without any major damage and no detectable traps. They evacuated the unconscious female into the medical bed of the Cutlass and met up with the other part at the emergency fallback location. They also got no interference from the opposing forces, they even avoided getting picked up by the scanners of the Pisces.

The team left the Valkyrie in orbit and went on with the Cutlass and Pisces. Shortly after disembarking the Valkyrie it exploded.

Even though the SRR team failed to achieve several key factors of the mission, the overall reports gave us valuable intel. The identity of the female needs to be confirmed and verified, also her medical condition must be taken care of. The unknown ships and personnel must be identified and investigated. We hope to be able to recover more information from the seized papers out of the Valkyrie.
Furthermore the retrieval of the data has the utmost priority. We hope to get this information from the still unidentified female.
In addition to that, the left behind ships need to be recovered before anyone could claim them as a wreck and we need to investigate the place for clues who these people were.

Further analysis of the mission reports and additions to this initial overwatch report will follow if necessary.