Mission Briefing – 2950-CIT-05-SRR-0130

24 hours ago one of our data runners went quiet after a partially corrupt message.
The ship was on a reconnaisance mission for the joint security forces. That mission was used as a front to cover a second mission with destination Port Tressler.

This is Echolon-5 en route to Port… …onics malfunction, dropping out of QT… trying to reach destination…

The last position shows Echolon-5 10000km away from Microtech, if it left QT without full controll, we don’t know where it could have ended up.

Mission parameters
Mission classification: Classified, need to know
Type: Search, Rescue and Recovery
Special Requirements: Civilian covert operation, no weapons

The loss of Echolon-5 is not acceptable and we need to take care of that. If the data gets into the wrong hands it could not only harm our relationship with the parties of the solar system, but also pose a threat to our security. Due to the current stressed overall situation in the system and with the security forces on the lookout for anything suspicious, only civilian crafts are allowed on the mission. We do not want to get too much attention when heavily armed ships leave in the same direction. This operation needs to be as covert as possible. No weapons allowed!

Suggested fleet and personal

  • 1x active scanner ship (Suggestion: Terrapin)
  • 1x medivac (Cutlass or anything small/medium for 2-3 people with a bed)
  • 2x fast Snubs to cover the ground (Pisces, 85X)
  • 1x Ground vehicle for multiple persons
  • 1x Overwatch is already assigned to the mission (with ground vehicle)

Mission goals

  • Recover the pilot of the vessel
  • Recover the data or destroy it, that no one can use it.
  • Find out what happend


  • Recover the ship, if possible