2950-CIT-05 – Data runner in need of assistance

Mission Briefing

This main mission contains several parts. Each of these parts are planned and scheduled upon the coming weeks. The exact number of parts is unknown and dependent on the result of the previous missions.

2950-CIT-05-SRR-0130Mission Briefing
Mission Summary
2950-CIT-05-SRR-0210Mission Briefing
Mission Summary
2950-CIT-05-INT-0210Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-INT-2016Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-SRR-0217Mission Briefing
Mission Summary
2950-CIT-05-INT-0218Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-INT-0219Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-CAP-0220Mission Briefing
Mission Summary
2950-CIT-05-INT-0222Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-INT-0223Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-INT-0224Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-INT-0225Intelligence Report
2950-CIT-05-INF-0229Mission Briefing
Mission Summary
2950-CIT-05-INV-0314Inventory Update
2950-CIT-05-FalloutMission Summary