Mission Briefing – Part 1

Mission parameters
Mission classification: Normal
Type: Recon

Echolon-5 will be scheduled for a standard reconnaissance mission route throughout the inner Stanton System in collaboration with the security forces.
Scanning for a maximum of 30 minutes at each marked location around the route. Check Ins via secure burst message have to occur every hour.
All scanning data will be stored in 2 pods simultaneously.

Olisar -> Delamar -> HUR L4 -> Lorville -> HUR L5 -> ArcCorp -> CRU L4 -> Olisar

Mission goals

  • Recon the Area around the scheduled stops
  • Store the data for further analysis

Mission Briefing – Part 2

Mission parameters
Mission classification: Classified, need to know
Type: Recon, data recovery, data running, covert operation

On Checkpoint 6 a deviation of the standard route will be planed. For that purpose Echolon-5 will have to refuel near ArcCorp and go through another precheck before departure. As of this point in the mission, all further standard route stops won’t happen and Echolon-5 will switch to the covert ops standard protocol with different ID signature, disabled flight recorders and every record of its mission highly encrypted, until the return to the standard route. Echolon-5 will, with a couple of random stops in between, jump to ARC L4. There Echolon-5 has to go silent for 24hours before it continues with the jump, during this time Echolon-5 has to manually recover datapod 341, which is hidden inside an asteroid cave.
After 24 hours of going dark the mission will continue with its destination to the outer rim of the system. This long range jump will be done in 5 parts, one stop at HUR L2 and HUR L4 to refuel and after that 3 random stops on its way to MIC L1. At each stop Echolon-5 will do a controlled 30-60 second burn of the main engine and then drift, with passive systems only, for 8 hours before continuing the jump.
At MIC L1 Echolon-5 will observe and scan the station, all arriving ships and their communication for 24 hours to a seperate pod. The destination is Port Tressler to meet up with our local contact and deliver all data of MIC L1 and pod 341. After Echolon-5 should return to the standard route.

All gathered recon data from the stops will also be submitted to us and the security forces after the return to the standard route with final destination Port Olisar.

If there is any disturbance or problem throughout the mission, Echolon-5 has to secure the safety of datapod 341 at all cost.

Mission goals

  • Recover datapod 341
  • Recon MIC L1
  • Deliver Data to contact on Port Tressler
  • Safety of datapod 341 has highest priority
  • Stay hidden and do not raise suspicion


  • Return to standard recon route after executing this part
  • Return to Port Olisar